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Real Fun Guy Gourmet Mushrooms began in the corner of Owen´s bedroom. At the time, he was living in a Buddhist Centre with a homemade fruiting chamber in a cupboard. 


The excitement about mushrooms grew, and soon the space did too, moving to a shed and garage space. Upon moving into our new property recently, a renovated stables on a farm in the heart of Snowdonia, we have been able to comfortably expand and super-charge production. Every piece of equipment is an invention; every procedure is the summary of a thousand trial procedures. 

At Real Fun Guy, simplicity and consistency are key. Using specialized mushroom cultivation bags, our mushroom mycelium first colonizes a grain substrate, before inoculating a sterilized mixture of oak sawdust. Once completely colonized, we cut open the sawdust bags, exposing the mycelium to the oxygen it needs to produce fruiting mushroom bodies. Our mushroom fruiting rooms have been outfitted to the proper light, humidity (utilising the original water troughs) and airflow for optimum mushroom growth.
The mushrooms are picked to achieve a balance of flavor and shelf-life, with the consumer’s needs in mind. We then hand-package and hand-deliver,

whether to restaurants, wholesale buyers, or our local farmers markets.

Real Fun Guy cares deeply about the quality of our products and can afford to allow the mushrooms to fruit to their fullest potential, going way further than larger farms can afford to do. 


As a potential customer, we look forward to an open dialogue about your needs as a supplier, home cook, chef, or restaurant. Quality is our benchmark and we look forward to working together to make these nutritious, delicious fungi your allies! As the great Paul Stamets, the original FunGuy has said, "Mushrooms can save the World!"

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